FFF-Mrs. Independent

I have been married for nine years.  I dated my husband for six years before we were married.  Needless to say, I have become a bit more dependent.  Before marriage and children, I could and would do it all.  I didn’t need help.  Excuse me, I was THE MISS INDEPENDENT.  And then came time, marriage, and children and that independence slowly faded into the background because it was that much easier.

Well, the other night as the kids were playing in the tub, I noticed a dead baby lizard in the tub.  I almost jumped out of my skin.  I immediately yelled, “HUSSSSBAND!  There’s a lizard in the tub!”  I yanked the kids out the tub and we stood there for all of 3 minutes “patiently” waiting.  My two year old soon became tired of waiting and ran her little naked self to the other end of the house.  So, there I was with a child on the lam, another child butt naked, and a dead baby lizard in the tub.  I snapped and thought to myself, “Really, Dee?  Give me a break.”  I grabbed a cup, removed the lizard, ran some fresh bathwater, grabbed the kids and gave them their baths.  I couldn’t believe I stooped to that level of dependence.  It was just a lizard.


Give the man a break.  He is there to help by all means, but he clearly did not need to Stop, Drop, and Roll because you saw a nasty, gross, slimy, lizard.  Save those lungs for the more important events, such as, your two year old has successfully unlocked and opened the front the door and is headed for the busy street!


2 responses

  1. Lol!!! I can see you now “patiently waiting” and seeing Harv stop, drop and roll would’ve been a sight to see!

    1. Patiently is correct. I’m still waiting on that stop drop and roll…lol!

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