My Own Recipe Book

I love to cook.  Usually these days, time doesn’t allow for the elaborate cooking I enjoy.  Nevertheless, I collect all types of recipes and eventually, I find the time to try all types of recipes from snazzy drinks for a party to yummy cookies for the little ones and everything in between.  As a newlywed, I began sparking an interest in cooking and the organization bug quickly bit me.  I can organize anything with a binder, sheet protectors, and hole puncher, including my OWN recipe book.  It is beyond simple to create your own recipe book.  All you need is a binder (about 1.5-2 inches), standard sheet protectors, and tabbed sheet protectors.

  • Gather all your recipes and sort them into categories such as Drinks, Appetizers, Sides, Poultry, Meats, Seafood, Desserts, etc.

  • Create title pages for each category using decorative printer paper and place each page in a tabbed sheet protector.
  • Place each recipe into a sheet protector.  I double the recipes in each protector; the choice is yours.

  • Put the recipes in the binder with the tabbed sheet protector leading each category.

It’s that easy.  You can pull the the binder out when it is time to cook and the sheet protectors will keep each recipe clear of spills and splatters.  You will have a collection of your own recipes that you find anywhere for years to come.  Please excuse my recipe book it is over nine years old and time for an update.  Oh, if I could only find the time.


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