FFF-It’s The Simple Things

I had finally built my “Mommy Confidence” level and decided to take the angels to the neighborhood Splashpad. I knew this was going to be a big trip that usually requires two adults, but I decided to go it alone. I prepped the angels, they called everyone to let them know our plans because they were so excited, and I put my “big girl” panties (swimsuit bottoms) on and headed to the Splashpad which is literally located right behind our house. We arrived at the Splashpad, I swiped my card, and the gate would not open. Now remind you, I have the squirmy 2 year old on my hip, the beach tote on my arm, and the excited 4 year old trying to help. I thought it was quite strange that my access card didn’t work and swiped again. At this point, I tell the lifeguards (two pimply teenagers) my card is faulty and I need the gate opened. I’m thinking, “Great, one more item and expense to add to my to-do list.” The lifeguards come to the gate and ask my address. I quickly shout out my address because I can feel my frustration level starting to rise for several reasons, #1 it’s hot, #2 why am I talking to a teenager through a gate like a criminal, #3 the kids are losing their patience. And then it happens, one of the life guards hands me a slip a paper and says, “I’m sorry. There is a problem with your account. Call the number on this paper. I am not familiar with your account.” I looked around and I see another mom approaching, an officer in the parking lot, and my children now in tears and I had to think fast. I had to think fast because I have a personal flaw of unleashing the bi*** in a matter of 2.5 seconds. An image of me in the back of the police car and my sister driving off with the kids flashed in my head. So, I quickly gathered my thoughts and strapped the two little ones in the car and left the scene. I was so upset that I was on the verge of tears because the babies were so psyched about swimming and our homeowner’s fees are not cheap and we made sacrifices to pay our fees on time. I had to think fast because my baby girl was not having it. So, I went straight into mommy/teacher mode, I pulled out everything I could think of that was water related. In a quick turn of events, the kids had so much fun I had to drag them inside. A water table, 2 dogs, and a “slip and slide” did the trick. It actually turned out to be a nice afternoon, the kids played and I worked in our own backyard. Another lesson learned.


My husband spoke to the association and cleared our account of a bogus fee. (There goes Mrs. Independent from last week-gone that fast.) Even he had to talk to management because of the way the clerks were handling the situation. God knew exactly what he was doing because if I made the phone call, we may have been kicked out of our little neighborhood.


It doesn’t take much. The bells and whistles are not always necessary. It is just the simple things, a good time, great memories, and happy kids. I wanted the bells and whistles (mainly because I paid for them) and all I needed was water, sun, and our own backyard. It really doesn’t take much.



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