My Daily Sanity


My Daily Sanity

My baskets by the door are my daily sanity.  They drive my husband absolutely crazy.  There was a time when I had one basket by the door and it became a catchall for everything and it drove me crazy.  So, to add insult to his (not mine) injury, I added more baskets for a total of THREE!  But, oh do they help.  In the evening when the house is quiet is when I get most of my cleaning done.  The baskets help because each basket is for a different bedroom and I can clean the house with a purpose.  The baskets can hold items until a decent time and I don’t have to disturb the kids at night as they sleep.  I certainly do not want to wake the sleeping “angels”.  Now look at the baskets, can you guess who is notorious for not picking up their items??  Drives me crazy!!!


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