Are You Warranted?

Side Note:  Let me begin by saying, I had this great idea for a title, and then I had to verify that “warranted” was being used in the proper context or if it was even a word.  I need to slow my roll and pump my brakes!

Warranty Binder. I am addicted to binders. I use them for EVERYTHING!

It was late at night and I was again in a cleaning mode.  Believe me friends, I really live by what I post.  We had a drawer in our kitchen that was full of every instruction booklet and extra installation piece we had collected over the past nine years.  I couldn’t take it any more.  I sorted each booklet into a different category, placed the booklet of each sorted category in a pocket sheet protector, placed the sheet protectors in a binder, and didn’t look back.  
We had so many booklets I had to use two binders, one for the kids’ items and the other for household items.  During the sorting, I trashed any booklets for items we no longer owned.  I am so embarrassed, we even had an instruction booklet for a VCR player.  Now you know, that player has been long gone.  I am once again pleased.  Now, I even have more space in my kitchen, because I now have an empty drawer.  My husband will be pleased to wake up early in the morning to find I have rearranged the cabinets and drawers again.  He loves when I do that!


2 responses

  1. I love this! I have the same system. Every time put a new set of instructions in my binder, I think, “I should blog about this.”

    Nice to *meet* you and your blog!

    1. I’m glad you stopped by. I look forward to our growing connection! Oh and BLOG about it!

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