FFF-Don’t Judge Me

One day this week, it rained all day and we were stuck in the house. At the end of the day we all had cabin fever and absolutely had to get OUT of the house, even for a short outing. I decided to take the kids to Walmart. I know. Of all the places, I choose Walmart, but of course being the efficient mom that I am, I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. Little did I know, this outing was going to be a disaster before we even made to the front door.

Being the fun mom that I am, I put the little ones in their rain boots. What was I thinking? In the parking lot, LW Pumpkin was determined to jump in every puddle, and Ladybug had disappeared. Yes, I said it, “Ladybug disappeared in the Walmart parking lot.” I quickly found her, scooped her up, and put her in the basket with her brother once we entered the store. But, guess who wasn’t having it? You guessed correctly. Ladybug did not want to be in the basket today. I turn my back for a quick second, and she tumbles over the basket and almost falls out (Mommy does a quick save!). I give her another chance and tell her to sit down, because remind you, this is supposed to be a fun outing and needless to say she almost falls out again. Unfortunately for her, I strap her in the basket. And then it starts, the screaming/crying. When she gets to this point, there is no stopping her. But, on the flip side, there is no stopping me, I finish with my shopping and I am getting looks from everyone all kinds of ways. And I just keep shopping with a big smile on my face and then they hit me again. In the produce department, Pumpkin asks, “Where’s my penis?” And to add to my embarrassment, a sweet gray-haired lady looks over, luckily she chuckled. I simply responded with, “Pumpkin, I’m sure your penis is still there. We will look for it when we get home.” I mean really, what was I supposed to say? Ladybug is still screaming/crying (She cried for over an hour). So, we continue shopping, and I hear, “SHUT UP!” I wanted to just leave them both in the store at this point. SHUT UP is our big “no-no” word at the moment. We got rid of it, and somehow it resurfaced. I don’t even know who said it, but they were both reprimanded for it and the screaming/crying continued. About ten minutes later we check out and everyone is in great spirits. They can’t stop talking and laughing with the checker. Ladybug wanted to wave and tell everyone bye-bye. And I look an absolute mess, my hair is all over my head (as it usually is), my clothes are disheveled (from repositioning Ladybug in the basket several times), and my glasses are twisted. Yet, we survived and as I left the store, I just knew everyone was looking at me crazy and I thought, DON”T JUDGE ME! Another lesson learned.


During this entire trip, all I could remember was the poor lady being arrested because she spanked her children in the Walmart parking lot and they caught her on video. I just knew I was being set up. I knew it.


You never know someone’s situation. During my experience at Walmart, I could see the ugly looks. I look like a struggling teenager with two unruly children. The truth is I am a grown woman with two unruly children on this particular day! Seriously, there have been several times when I have seen the stressed mom in the store and the children were all over the place and thought to myself, “What is her issue?”. I have now had this experience myself and I will not judge again. You never know someone’s struggles. It could just be a really bad day and the four-year old and two-year old could care less!


12 responses

  1. Trenise Duckens | Reply

    This post was hilarious, especially the part about where is my penis.
    I love your posts. Keep them coming.

    1. It was hilarious as I typed it but certainly not as I experienced it!

  2. So funny! This sounds like my trip to Wally World on yesteraday! I’ll spare you the details! lol

    1. Im at peace knowing that other moms share my pain!

  3. Lesson learned I would have been one of those people looking at you crazy I’ll take this into consideration next time 🙂 and LW must be learning about his body parts can’t believe he asked you that LOL!!

    1. He’s definitely learning ALL his body parts. And I’m glad you were enlightened!

  4. I know that this was certainly not funny at the time, but I was literally laughing out loud reading this!!!!! It just cracks me up when children (my own included) mention penis/vagina in public!! lol! Rest assured that they will be all grown up in just a few short years, so cherish each episode as if it was the last… 🙂

    1. You are so right, it is hilarious not, but definitely not at the time. I’m learning to cherish these moments!

  5. Tenia Fortenberry Green | Reply

    Wow! I will remember to never judge that teenage mom with the screaming children, because it just might be a grown woman having a bad day.. Oh Dee Dee how funny this post was to me. I chuckled all the way through it. Now that have a two year old and my baby girl on the way, I know my screaming walmart days are near. And when they arrive, I will think of you and keep smile on my face. And I will be sure not to spank the kiddos is the parking lot!!!

    1. That’s right girlfriend, just keep smiling and shopping….keep smiling and shopping!

  6. Cashoyna Tillis | Reply

    Love it. Lol. They always calm down as your walking out the store.

    1. Ain’t that the truth!!!!!

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