FFF-“You Need to Watch Your Tone!”

The boy did it to me again; he made me check myself.  Children are so insightful, I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

I do NOT like mornings, particularly after a late night.  And this morning, the two angels hit me hard.  It was one of those summer mornings where I just wanted to lay in the bed all day, but they were NOT having it.  So, as soon as they hit the corner,we started our routine.  I began making breakfast and they were full of energy and asking too many questions, and of course they were the same questions over and over.  I just wanted Calgon to take me away.  LW asked me for the thousandth time in a five minute time period, “When am I going to PaPo’s [his grandfather] house?”  I was so sick of it, I answered in an annoyed tone, “I told you LW on Friday.”  He responded with, “Mommy.”  I had never heard that tone from him, and so I looked over at the table where he was sitting and the look on his face made me want to cry in that moment.  He was so hurt.  I said, “What’s wrong?”  He said, “Mommy that was mean.”  I was completely speechless.  Because he was exactly right.  My response was so unnecessary.  I was frustrated, not him.  All I could do was check myself, give him a hug, and apologize.  He hit me again.  Lessons learned.


I actually learned two lessons with this experience.  I first learned that no matter what issues I may be having, it is no one’s fault but my own.  My son woke up in a great mood and who was I to sour his morning?  I needed to wake up and leave all negativity under the bed and sort through it later.  The second lesson learned was that even the youngest of people can sense your frustration.  I needed to check my tone even when talking to a four year old.  Regardless of age, I need to be respectful when having a conversation.  As my mother used to say (and actually still says), “You better check your tone when you talk to me.”


4 responses

  1. Trenise Duckens | Reply

    You are right. Kids are so insightful. I am glad you learned valuable lessons out of this.

  2. Great post!! Some parents would still continue to take their fustration out on their kids even if wasn’t their fault…glad you were able to recognize it and correct the situation #greatmom

    1. Thanks, Kim. The little boy certainly set me straight and made me think!

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