Monthly Archives: August, 2012

FFF-Ants In Their Pants!

It was an absolutely busy evening.  I mean it was one of those days where you hit the ground running, you finally get in bed, and your head is still spinning.  The kids were active as always and asked if they could go outside with the dogs.  I thought this was a great idea.  It would give me a chance to cook dinner, leave the back door open (so I could hear the little ones-dogs included), and give the four of them a much needed chance to burn some energy.

The play date in the backyard was in full swing, I was in a groove in the kitchen, and then I hear “playful” screams.  I keep cooking and watching my guilty pleasure, Teen Mom.  I was loving the peaceful moment I was having.  I escaped for just a moment.  I only had to break up one fight.  It was a good evening.  And then the four “angels” come bolting in the kitchen.  Pumpkin is screaming, “Ants!  Get them off of me!”  He runs to the sink, turns the water on, and rinses his arm off.  He is also trying to take his shirt off.  I quickly rush him and his sister to the tub.  After everyone was bathed, Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream administered, I was able to assess the situation.  My facial expression was priceless.  My poor babies looked like they had been attacked by a small country of ants.  I just wanted to curl up and wither away.  I felt HORRIBLE!  I ignored their screams for a hot second to indulge in my own moment of sanity, and they were attacked by ants.  This was such a low mommy moment for me.  Of course the kids were clueless.  They got attention, a fun bath, and medicine!  Lesson learned.


No matter how many times they cry wolf, no matter how many times they scream or cry, always listen to each and every complaint, scream, or question.  You just never know.  Your angels could screaming for help as they are attacked by a small country of ants or a pack of wild dogs.  Seriously, I made a promise to stop, listen, and react  to every scream from from that point on.