FFF-Where’s Waldo (Ladybug)?

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and we were preparing to attend church.  My husband was in and out of the house doing his normal duties-taking out the trash, locking the backyard gate, feeding the dogs-the usual.  Pumpkin was still eating breakfast.  I was doing my normal tasks-cleaning rooms, getting dressed, preparing outfits for church-the usual.  I heard my “husband” go back outside and softly shut the door.  I continued moving about the house and then the house fell unusually quiet.  I suddenly screamed, “Ladybug!  Ladybug! Where are you?”  No response.  I didn’t wait long for a response because something clicked in my head.  “It was not her dad that went outside.”  I dropped whatever I was holding/doing and ran outside.  I scanned the garage and didn’t see her so I took off running towards the street instinctively.  And there she was running down the middle of the street with my keys.  She made it to about the 4th house down the street.  In my robe (I’m glad I even had on a robe.) and house shoes, I grabbed her, grabbed my keys, kissed her forehead, and scolded her all the way home.  By this time her dad and brother had run outside and they were dumfounded.  They scolded her some more and we all went inside and locked the doors.  I honestly have only been that scared one other time in my life, and that was at the birth of my son (6 weeks early).  It all ran through my head.  I was visibly shaken for a good hour.

As the day progressed, one would think we learned our lesson.  Apparently, God was not done with us just yet because at my in-law’s I felt that eerie silence from earlier and started screaming again.  “Ladybug!  Ladybug!  Where are you?”  There were even more adults this time and she managed to make it to the end of the driveway.  I was outdone and speechless.  After that, we got the message and loud and clear.  Clear and loud.


It can wait.  It doesn’t matter how important it is to finish that load of laundry, it can wait.  If you don’t hear the little ones, STOP and find them.  Most accidents can be prevented.  I also learned to listen to everyone no matter how young.  Ladybug actually told me, “I want to go.  Let’s go Mommy.”  I told her to wait, I guess I took too long and she took matters into her own hands.  She surely taught me a lesson; one I will never forget!


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