FFF-“Mommy, I Luv You!”

It was one of those mornings.  We were late.  Super late.  I was rushing to get the kids out the house.  When we arrived at the sitter’s house, the sitter was outside watering the grass.  I almost threw the kids out the car and rolled down the street.  I was NOT looking forward to another late morning.  In actuality, I didn’t throw the kids at the sitter, I took each of them out the car, handed them off, and ran back to the car to drive another 35 minutes to work. As I shut the car door, I heard, “Mommy, STOP!  Mommy!”  I stopped briefly at his command and looked at Pumpkin.  He then said, “Mommy, I luuv you.”  Well, cry me a river!  I held back tears, ran to him and my daughter and said, “Well, LW I love you too.  More than you’ll ever know.”  I got back in the car and cried myself to work.  UNBELIEVABLE.  He did it again.  The little boy made me stop and smell the roses.


I need to slow down.  It seems as if my life is always in overdrive.  We move so fast and so often, we barely take a second to tell each other, “I love you.”  Pumpkin reminded me of how important it is to stop and be grateful.  Wherever I was going would still be there when I got there.  I needed to stop and love on my angels.


A few days later, I was buckling the kids in the car and Ladybug did not want to get in the car, she demanded her father.  And then it was like a ripple effect, Pumpkin then wanted a moment with his dad.  The carpool was waiting on my husband, I was late, and I stopped.  I gave my husband and the kids their moment.  In the end I was late, but we had a great morning by simply enjoying the small things that we live for and that makes us a family.


2 responses

  1. Sounds like we have similar moments! I have been stopping, taking a deep breath and trying to enjoy the early morning requests (instead of screaming “we’re already late!!”)

    This morning as we all piled into the car, my almost 3 year old asked me, “are we running late, mommy?”

    Of course we were, but I was a little pleased that I hadn’t yet told her that…lol Small steps….

    1. That is great! Small steps. I struggle with this everyday. But, we’re making progress.

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