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Tuesday Week In My Life 2012

This post is a part of  a week long series hosted by Melissa at Adventuroo called A Week In My LIfe. For an ENTIRE week, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of being a mom, wife, and everything else! On a side note, this challenge actually started last week and at the last minute, I decided to join!

Today, I am going to give you a glimpse into our morning routine. I’m warning you, it is pretty intense:

1:41 am-The bestie is sending random text messages. I guess she couldn’t sleep either.

4:30 am-The alarm goes off, but I cannot move this morning. I snooze it for another 15 minutes.

4:45 am-I finally wake up for my morning Bible Study. I just started this piece of my morning routine a couple of months ago and it has truly worked to open my eyes to a lot of life’s lesson’s and teachings.

5:05 am-I make my lunch and get dressed.

5:45 am-Pumpkin comes in our bedroom fully dressed. Husband takes care of Pumpkin in the mornings unless he is running extremely late.

5:47 am-I get Ladybug dressed, do her hair (This is not an enjoyable task for either of us. I completely dread it.), and administer her meds.

6:15 am-We are extremely late, and Ladybug does not want to wear the jacket I have laid out for her. We find the jacket SHE wants to wear, label it, and put on hats.

20121104-223521.jpg6:25 am-We finally get buckled in and leave the house. On the way to school, I realize I changed purses and left every bit of lip product I own in my other purse (I hate when I do this. I mean I really hate it because I hate for my lips to be dry at anytime.). I also remember that I forgot to get the kid-friendly CDs because Ladybug sang a catchy hook of one of the songs on the radio (which happens to be one of my favorites) and it was not the most appropriate song on the radio.

6:35 am-We arrive at school and I check in the angels (There were two cases of strep throat in Ladybug’s room. Great!), drop off party items, place jackets, blankets, and hats in the angels’ cubbies (Pumpkin’s jacket was lost the 2nd week of school and yes it was labeled.), and I pay for school.

6:42 am-I leave for work. I pray and meditate on the way to work every morning. But, in particular every other Monday morning is hard because I cannot stomach the $749.49 that we pay every two weeks for adequate childcare.

7:25 am-I arrive at work EXTREMELY late…and my second job (the one that pays me) begins……


Monday Week In My Life 2012

Today begins a week long series hosted by Melissa at Adventuroo called A Week In My LIfe. For an ENTIRE week, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of being a mom, wife, and everything else! On a side note, this challenge actually started last week and at the last minute (Sunday morning) to be exact, I decided to join!

I always say that when our mornings begin and we walk into the angels’ bedrooms-we never know what we are going to get and this was certainly one of those mornings. At 4:45 am, Ladybug walks in our room and complains that her knees itch. She saw the doctor this weekend and we don’t know if she is having an allergic reaction to one of the medicines she’s taking or if she is overexaggerating and top it all off her cough is still awful. Husband and I have a quick discussion and the decision is made that I would stay home and be “doctor” today. I give Ladybug a breathing treatment, complete my morning bible study, check email, and finally text work (I have to wait until a decent hour and 6:00 am is usually a decent time), and we get back in the bed. I am beyond exhausted and so is Ladybug, so we go back to sleep.


A little after 8:00 am Pumpkin walks into my bedroom-which was perfect because I was able to call Ladybug’s doctors (I was informed by the doctor this weekend that one of her ear tubes fell out-it’s only been 7 months!) and leave messages. After I make the phone calls, the angels spend a little time on their own, we get dressed, eat breakfast, and Ladybug gets another breathing treatment. It’s a nice day so, I let the dogs out to roam the backyard. I have another one of my epiphanies in the shower, and hurry to write it down. I absolutely can’t forget!


At about noon, we buckle in and go to Auntie’s house to let her dog out. The angels LOVE going to her house and raiding her cabinet!  While we are out, the doctor calls in another prescription (Ladybug is NOW taking four meds.) and we go pick it up. By this time, it is after noon and I pick up lunch for the angels. They eat and Ladybug takes more meds. Finally, at about 1:00 pm the house is quiet and everyone is napping.

     20121031-222832.jpg20121031-222953.jpg       20121031-223052.jpg

I decide to take full advantage of a quiet house and clean, clean, clean, flat iron my hair (An almost 2 hour process) and do laundry.


Ladybug finally wakes up at about 4:45 pm and Pumpkin wakes up at 5:15 pm. I pop popcorn and turn on a movie (The angels don’t watch TV during the week, but technically this was not a school day!) to finish my last bit of cleaning. I am still waiting to get an update from Ladybug’s surgeon about the tubes. I check my phone before I walk out the room and just that fast, I miss the doctor’s call. So frustrating, because you can’t call back after hours and I will be forced to call again on Tuesday.

Husband cooks dinner and we all sit for dinner. The angels are not fond of shrimp, so they eat Lunchables and we dined on shrimp pasta. Dinner time is one of my favorite times of day because the angels get really silly and we can see each of their unique personalities full on.


After dinner, it is time to prepare the angels for bed and give Ladybug another treatment. 45 minutes after being tucked in bed, Pumpkin wakes up, finds me, and tells me, “Bad people are out to get me.” I really want to say, “Yes they are because you are bad.” But, I digress and tuck him back in bed after thoroughly “checking” his room.

My dining room has become my new “office” and it was an embarrassing mess.  I was determined to clean it up, TONIGHT of course!  And I’m glad I did because I noticed spilled milk that stuck to paper from Ladybug’s cup that is now stuck to my table, and this is quite interesting because food and drinks are not allowed out of the kitchen.

20121031-223216.jpg          20121031-223231.jpg

At about 9:30 pm, I finally get the opportunity to indulge in MY time. I take a shower, complete Bible Study, and get some blog and Printed Sugar work done. At 12:02 am, I can finally say, “UNPLUGGED and GOOD NIGHT!”

FFF-I Guess We’re Doing Something Right

The angels started a new school this month. I was in love with the school-there was a great curriculum, great staffing, and great practices. It was going to be a perfect fit. When I went to register the angels, I even saw one of Pumkin’s old teachers that I loved. The first week was great. The angels were eager and excited. It was a big relief and then we rolled into week two. On Monday, Pumpkin told the teacher, “No!” and ran to the tables and pulled all the chairs down. On Tuesday, Pumpkin did not listen to his teachers and would not follow directions. On Wednesday, in preparation for nap time, Pumpkin was goofing off and accidentally kicked another little boy in the face. I had to sign an incident report. It felt like deja vu. I was living our previous experience with school again. As Ladybug was flourishing, I was ready to have Pumpkin receive shock therapy.

On Thursday, I walked in the building and was tense all over and a staff member greeted me and I knew it was coming. Pumpkin was being kicked out of preschool. I was pleasantly surprised when she shared with me that Pumpkin and Ladybug grabbed hands and prayed over breakfast. They attempted to grab the hands of the others sitting at the table and the kids gave them ugly looks, so they prayed together. I wanted to hug that lady and bust out in a full-out cry fest. But, I figured that would be too much and the angels would be kicked out for sure.


The core values we teach at home withstand all outside forces. It made me feel gushy inside to know that my two terrors were praying at school and invited others to join. I finally felt like we were doing something right. FINALLY!


On Friday, I spoke with the director about Pumpkin’s behavior and she shut me down immediately. She explained the behavior of boys, four-year olds, and adjustment periods. She told me not to worry and to take a chill pill.

Needless to say, prayers, consistency, and bribery works. because he got it. He is now excited to report daily, “I had a great day and I listened. Ask my teacher.” I ask his teacher daily and they are backing his claims. So, I’m putting the shock therapy on hold for now.

Easy Berry Breakfast Smoothie

It’s been a while, but I’m ready to share a great recipe. It’s my new breakfast meal. For five years, I’ve been eating a banana and oatmeal for breakfast and I was burnt out. I love smoothies and when I buy them from the smoothie shop, it can cost me about $5-$7. After my last smoothie, I had an “aha” moment. “Make my own smoothies.” I bought an Oster MyBlend Blender which was essential to making a perfect smoothie every time.





1/2 cup apple or orange juice

1 frozen banana (chop before freezing or you will be UPSET)

1/4-1/2 cup of frozen berries

1/4 cup yogurt


  • Place juice, banana, berries, and yogurt in the blender


  • Blend to desired consistency


  • Enjoy

Side Note

  • You can add any combination of fruit to your smoothie. Be creative!
  • You can add a supplement to your smoothie such as protein or vitamins
  • To plan for the week and save time, you can separate the fruit (sliced banana and berries) into individual containers and freeze


FFF-Lights Out

The kids and I arrived home and were finally nearing the end of a long week.  My husband and I finalized our plans for dinner and soccer practice.  The kids were eager to get home and grab a snack.  We finally arrived home and the garage door would not open.  The week before we had a new garage door installed, so I figured it was a malfunction and I thought to myself, “Here we go again.”  I took the kids out the car and we went inside and my world stopped, it came to a screeching halt.

I made a huge mistake.  My “easier way“of paying the bills had failed.  The electricity had been turned off for nonpayment.  I knew this without making one phone call, the house was warm and I absolutely could not remember the last time I paid the electricity bill or checked the mail.  I had every intention of checking it the night before, but I was just too exhausted.  Well, I back pedaled and checked the mail and right on top was the beautiful pink slip.  I paid the bill and the electricity was on in about 45 minutes.  The kids never missed a beat and my husband didn’t judge or blame me.  Lesson(s) learned.


This one mistake taught me so many lessons:

1)  Bills need to be paid on time every time (I KNOW this already).  (This flub cost us an additional $52.95.)

2)  Trust my instincts.  (I had a feeling we had not paid the bill and a notice was in the mail, and I was right on both hunches.)

3)  Take care of home first  because no one else will.  Life had grabbed a hold of my husband and I.  My responsibilities at work were overflowing, the kids started a new school and needed paperwork completed and supplies purchased, my husband was sick again, and I had a ton of personal action items I “needed” to scratch off my to-do list.

I hit a brick wall, but I learned my lessons, reviewed our Household Financial Manual ,and refocused my priorities.  A little stumble never hurt anyone.  The real test is how fast you get up.

There Has To Be An Easier Way

When it came to paying bills on time, I was losing my mind. Every month there was always a minimum of at least one bill we forgot to pay. It was ridiculous. We were constantly asking, “Have you seen the water bill?  Did you pay the mortgage?”  Not to mention we forgot to pay our water bill once and we had to pay over $300 in fees because of a simple oversight.  The simple fact was that we were (and still are) overwhelmed. Half of our accounts were set up with paperless billing and the other half were not paperless. I check the mail about once every two weeks to make matters even worse.  In my usual fashion it was late one evening and I decided enough was enough.  We NEEDED an organized system in place STAT or our home was going into foreclosure, our cars were going to be repossessed, and all utilities were going to be shut off because we forgot or misplaced another bill.  So, I got to work.


The first step in my plan was to set up an email address dedicated to paperless bills, payment reminders, and account updates.  This way my water bill payment reminder email is not overlooked because my email box is too full.


After I set up the email account, I then converted all my bills to paperless.  Since I had to change the email address on all my accounts, as I logged into each account I also converted to paperless billing.  Paperless billing lessens the chance that I will forget to pay a bill and reduces the clutter at home.  Less paper = Less mess.


When we converted to paperless billing, that also meant too many usernames, passwords, and websites to remember.  To solve this problem, I created a spreadsheet to store all this information.  The spreadsheet was added to the Budget section of our Household Financial Manual.

Password List Template


At some point, the bills need to be paid.  I use our bank’s online system to auto pay all reoccurring bills.  I set up each account in bill pay and Manilla.  Manilla is an online account and bill organizer.  You can set up your account to receive reminders or pay bills from this site.  It is another check and balance system.  It is online, has an app, and provides an at-a-glance view of all our accounts.


Last but not least, I still needed to verify that all the bills were paid each month.  I created a simple checklist and checked each bill off as it was paid.  This sheet was added to the budget section of our Household Financial Manual.

Bill Payment Schedule Template

I have now organized my money.  This plan has streamlined my bill payment system and when and how bills are paid.  It has allowed me to only pay bills twice a month on time.  I am no longer chasing dates, bills, or money.  This system just might free up  a little more time for blogging and that makes me very happy.