FFF-I Guess We’re Doing Something Right

The angels started a new school this month. I was in love with the school-there was a great curriculum, great staffing, and great practices. It was going to be a perfect fit. When I went to register the angels, I even saw one of Pumkin’s old teachers that I loved. The first week was great. The angels were eager and excited. It was a big relief and then we rolled into week two. On Monday, Pumpkin told the teacher, “No!” and ran to the tables and pulled all the chairs down. On Tuesday, Pumpkin did not listen to his teachers and would not follow directions. On Wednesday, in preparation for nap time, Pumpkin was goofing off and accidentally kicked another little boy in the face. I had to sign an incident report. It felt like deja vu. I was living our previous experience with school again. As Ladybug was flourishing, I was ready to have Pumpkin receive shock therapy.

On Thursday, I walked in the building and was tense all over and a staff member greeted me and I knew it was coming. Pumpkin was being kicked out of preschool. I was pleasantly surprised when she shared with me that Pumpkin and Ladybug grabbed hands and prayed over breakfast. They attempted to grab the hands of the others sitting at the table and the kids gave them ugly looks, so they prayed together. I wanted to hug that lady and bust out in a full-out cry fest. But, I figured that would be too much and the angels would be kicked out for sure.


The core values we teach at home withstand all outside forces. It made me feel gushy inside to know that my two terrors were praying at school and invited others to join. I finally felt like we were doing something right. FINALLY!


On Friday, I spoke with the director about Pumpkin’s behavior and she shut me down immediately. She explained the behavior of boys, four-year olds, and adjustment periods. She told me not to worry and to take a chill pill.

Needless to say, prayers, consistency, and bribery works. because he got it. He is now excited to report daily, “I had a great day and I listened. Ask my teacher.” I ask his teacher daily and they are backing his claims. So, I’m putting the shock therapy on hold for now.


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