Tuesday Week In My Life 2012

This post is a part of  a week long series hosted by Melissa at Adventuroo called A Week In My LIfe. For an ENTIRE week, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of being a mom, wife, and everything else! On a side note, this challenge actually started last week and at the last minute, I decided to join!

Today, I am going to give you a glimpse into our morning routine. I’m warning you, it is pretty intense:

1:41 am-The bestie is sending random text messages. I guess she couldn’t sleep either.

4:30 am-The alarm goes off, but I cannot move this morning. I snooze it for another 15 minutes.

4:45 am-I finally wake up for my morning Bible Study. I just started this piece of my morning routine a couple of months ago and it has truly worked to open my eyes to a lot of life’s lesson’s and teachings.

5:05 am-I make my lunch and get dressed.

5:45 am-Pumpkin comes in our bedroom fully dressed. Husband takes care of Pumpkin in the mornings unless he is running extremely late.

5:47 am-I get Ladybug dressed, do her hair (This is not an enjoyable task for either of us. I completely dread it.), and administer her meds.

6:15 am-We are extremely late, and Ladybug does not want to wear the jacket I have laid out for her. We find the jacket SHE wants to wear, label it, and put on hats.

20121104-223521.jpg6:25 am-We finally get buckled in and leave the house. On the way to school, I realize I changed purses and left every bit of lip product I own in my other purse (I hate when I do this. I mean I really hate it because I hate for my lips to be dry at anytime.). I also remember that I forgot to get the kid-friendly CDs because Ladybug sang a catchy hook of one of the songs on the radio (which happens to be one of my favorites) and it was not the most appropriate song on the radio.

6:35 am-We arrive at school and I check in the angels (There were two cases of strep throat in Ladybug’s room. Great!), drop off party items, place jackets, blankets, and hats in the angels’ cubbies (Pumpkin’s jacket was lost the 2nd week of school and yes it was labeled.), and I pay for school.

6:42 am-I leave for work. I pray and meditate on the way to work every morning. But, in particular every other Monday morning is hard because I cannot stomach the $749.49 that we pay every two weeks for adequate childcare.

7:25 am-I arrive at work EXTREMELY late…and my second job (the one that pays me) begins……


8 responses

  1. Natasha N. Fowler | Reply

    I almost spit up my coffee when I saw how much you pay in childcare!!! I won’t complain about my #1’s activity cost anymore! Good news…kindergarten is just around the corner 🙂

    1. Tell me about it…kindergarten will definitely be bittersweet!

  2. Natasha N. Fowler | Reply

    So I kind of started a day in my life this morning & more than anything it helped me to develop a to do list for my #1 so that mornings can run a little smoother. I’m thinking I can leave my house 10mins earlier b/c I won’t be constantly asking him if he did something like put on deodorant or make his bed. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. Please keep me posted!

      1. Natasha N. Fowler

        It worked today! Not only were we out before 7am. My #1 totally bought into the list!

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks for participating in Week in My Life! I love that you did the play-by-play for your morning routine. And ooh 4:30 am? You’re a rock star!!

    1. I wish I were a rock star. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a week off, but I am so glad I decided to join. It was fun!

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