Wednesday Week In My Life 2012

This post is a part of a week-long series hosted by Melissa at Adventuroo called A Week In My LIfe. For an ENTIRE week, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of being a mom, wife, and everything else! On a side note, this challenge actually started two weeks ago and at the last-minute, I decided to join!

Today, I am going to give you a glimpse into a full work/school day in our house….

This morning, I physically CANNOT wake up until 5:00 am which is 30 minutes later than planned. I miss bible study, get ready for work, and end up in a heated argument with Husband (and he absolutely knows I am NOT a morning person). About 5 minutes later than planned, I go get Ladybug bug dressed and discovered she peed in the bed, I wipe her down, get her dressed, and start the washing machine. We are already 15 minutes late, and Ladybug pitches a fit because she doesn’t want to take the wings off her costume (It’s Halloween, so of course it is Costume Day at school.) to put on her jacket because it is cold this morning. Finally, I buckle the angels in the car, get behind the wheel, and Ladybug tells me, “Buckle your seat, Mommy!” I absolutely love the fact that at 2 years old, she reminds ME to buckle my seatbelt.

We finally arrive at school about 30 minutes late, yet I am able to talk to Pumpkin’s teacher and the director about his progress in class. The director also tells me that Ladybug’s allergies are disturbing her during the day and I need to bring in her medicine. Great! I then leave their school and begin my commute to work. Of course 30 minutes later, my mom finally returns my phone call as I am two minutes away from work and my Halloween anthem, “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me” is on the radio. I make the decision ignore my mother’s call (she is not going to let me live this down) and continue listening to my anthem, I need some release from this stressful morning.

I finally arrive at work (about 30 minutes late) and hit the ground running:

  • I complete my missed morning bible study
  • I attend two scheduled meetings
  • I attend an unexpected parent conference
  • I put on my “policewoman” hat because a calculator was stolen out of a teacher’s classroom
  • I visit with several students about discipline referrals submitted to my office on their behalf, issue consequences, and contact their parents
  • I answer a few emails
  • I conduct lunch duty
  • I drop my lunch (and I was so looking forward to it) on the floor as I take it out the microwave
  • After I clean my lunch mess and walk out of the lounge, I realize my glass ring breaks on my finger and I have to visit the nurse to have it removed because the sharp edge is digging into my skin and I cut myself
  • I call parents and issue consequences for a student that cursed another student out across the classroom
  • I issue consequences and contact parents for another student that was involved in another verbal altercation
  • I meet with three teachers
  • I spend some time mentoring a new staff member
  • I listen to a “rehabilitation” speech for one of my students with discipline issues
  • I conduct afternoon bus duty
  • I attend a staff meeting

I finally leave work and make it to CrossFit. For one hour, I focus on putting all my energy and effort into meeting or beating my personal goal.  I am slowly beginning to realize that it is truly my release.


I leave and pick up the angels from school. When we arrive home, the angels eat a snack as I do a load of laundry. We eat dinner early (Husband prepared it the night before in preparation for Halloween.) and then go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. The angels are tickled pink because their aunt was able to join us. We return home after about an hour and I let the angels hand out candy to other trick-or-treaters, the candy was gone in about 15 minutes.


The Policeman and The Ladybug


Auntie, The Policeman, and The Ladybug

After baths, books, sight words, prayer, and bed, I finally look forward to a little down time. But, I thought too soon. Pumpkin comes around the corner wide-eyed about 10 minutes after “lights out”. I get him back in bed and complete another load of laundry. I finally get the opportunity to indulge in MY time. I take a shower, complete Bible Study, and get some blog and Printed Sugar work done. An hour later, as I am preparing for bed, emergency vehicles pass and the dogs howl which wake and scare Pumpkin and Ladybug. So, the three of us lay down in Pumpkin’s bed. We ALL end up falling asleep. Another hour later (about 12:10 am), I put Ladybug in her bed and sleepwalk to my bed. At some point in the middle of the night, Pumpkin ends up in our bed. I don’t even remember him coming in our room.

After this “normal” day, I am exhausted and look forward to the sleep I don’t receive. And then, I get to do it all over again tomorrow.


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