Friday-Week In My Life 2012

This post is a part of a week-long series hosted by Melissa at Adventuroo called A Week In My LIfe. For an ENTIRE week, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of being a mom, wife, and everything else! On a side note, at the last-minute, I decided to join this challenge, a week late!

Although it is FRIDAY, I knew it was going to be a HECTIC day. Starting with the LATE wake up; I woke up at 5:07 am and Ladybug was standing on my side of the bed, and I have no idea why. I manage to get both of us dressed (Husband dresses Pumpkin before leaving for work.) and complete a bible study session.

We leave the house and I finally remember the kid-friendly CDs, so we sing all the way to school. Once we arrive at school, Ladybug performs her all too familiar Friday Routine which is a classic 2-year old tantrum (just because) with tears and floor action. On my way to work, I realize that my windshield wipers still haven’t been changed and are worth two cents.

Work proves to be another hectic day:

  • Three meetings
  • I don’t have lunch (I hate leaving to get lunch. It’s such a hassle.)
  • Two unexpected parent meetings
  • One student mediation (with one of the rudest students ever….)

Pumpkin has a doctor’s appointment so, my plan was to leave 20 minutes early than my actual departure time. But, I manage to leave work, pick up the angels, and make it to the appointment with one minute to spare. We were rushing so much I almost missed a moment with Pumpkin. While at the doctor’s appointment, he turns to me out of the blue and says, “I love you. I love spending time with you.” This kid never ceases to amaze me.

We finally arrive home to Dad after a stop for much-needed slushies. The in-laws pay us a visit this evening and we all eat pizza for dinner. The house finally hits the sack at about 10:20 pm and then……at about 11:00 pm Ladybug crosses enemy lines into our bedroom….another sleepless night.


2 responses

  1. Oh your stories crack me up!! Ladybug seems quite entertaining šŸ˜‰

    1. She is a ball of personality!

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