Sunday-Week In My Life 2012

This post is a part of a week-long series hosted by Melissa at Adventuroo called A Week In My LIfe. For an ENTIRE week, I will share with you the trials and tribulations of being a mom, wife, and everything else! On a side note, at the last-minute, I decided to join this challenge, a week late!

The morning started with a 4:00 AM visit from Ladybug. I try to get her to go to back to sleep by laying with her in her bed (a toddler size bed-just to give you an idea of how ticked off I was). Finally, at 6:00 AM I give up and head back to our bedroom with her following right behind. At 6:30 AM Pumpkin pays us a visit and it’s a party at that point. Husband makes breakfast as I sneak in an additional hour of sleep. We manage to leave the house for church at a decent time, and I am pleased.

20121217-000620.jpgAfter church, we all go to Redi-Clinc (I love this place for non emergencies such as when I end up with an ear infection, strep throat, or upper respiratory infections.) so that Pumpkin and I can get flu shots. Lady bug has a runny nose and Husband already has one, so it’s just us two up for the challenge. Pumpkin is so scared that he falls off the table mid-insertion of the needle. How embarrassing?! Needless to say, we survived.


Our wounds

After the clinic fiasco, the family grabs lunch and the angels settle in for naps while Husband goes to a friend’s house to watch ANOTHER football game. The angels finally wake up and Ladybug seems to be sick with a runny nose and possible onset of a fever. In our household this is a major catastrophe that could last for weeks because when my angels get sick with a cold they just might end up in the hospital for a few days with our luck.  So, Ladybug is now on our Watch List.

I manage to do my hair and Ladybug’s hair which is about a 2.5 hour process, eat dinner, and get the angels in bed on time. I am lucky enough to squeeze in a post.


Anything to keep her occupied

As I get ready for bed, I noticed the return of the weasel in my bed! The husband had no idea he was sleeping next to a weasel. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I woke up and that thing was in my face.

20121217-000824.jpgFINALLY, the LAST CALL has been made! Until next year….hopefully I’m able to participate on time! (That is my goal for next year, I just wrote it down! That means its official!)


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