FFF-Don’t Forget About the Little People

It was deja vu.  Pumpkin was sick with a low grade fever on Thursday evening and all day Friday.  Saturday morning I made an executive decision to take him to the doctor’s office.  Oh, what a early birthday gift to me!  I was exhausted from Black Friday shopping and hanging out with my sister-friends from college and the angels could care less.  Ladybug was out of control.  She orchestrated a beautiful 2 year old tantrum.  It started with her claiming she had to go to the potty.  So, I pack up two backpacks, a purse, an iPad, and two angels.   There was a 5 minute wait for the single restroom in a large PEDIATRICIAN’S OFFICE and during this wait, the angels decided to run to the back of the office and to the lab. I had to do the unthinkable which was leave my purse and ipad and hope the next mom in line doesn’t steal it!  (Did I mention that I was exhausted because I was Christmas shopping for these two?)  When we finally make it in the restroom, I realize that Ladybug’s pull-up has leaked and her pants are wet.  As we are washing our hands, Ladybug gets upset again and begins screaming and crying at the top of her lungs.  I swoop her and her brother up along with all our belongings and we go outside to clean her up.  As we walk back in the office, she gets upset again and all I could do was sit down and let her scream as the other moms glared at me.  I was SO not in the mood.  We FINALLY make it out of the waiting room and into the exam room.  The doctor comes in the room to begin his examination and Pumpkin fights (and I mean fights like  a grown man) the doctor because he is trying to check his ears.  Instead of calling in the nurse to assist, I wrestle Pumpkin as the poor man checks his ears.  In the meantime, Ladybug is having another tantrum on the floor for no apparent reason except that maybe she is exhausted.  The doctor leaves to run some tests and then she appeared.  The nurse.  She takes Ladybug and Pumpkin to look at the aquarium.  When they finally return, Ladybug has her shoes and socks on (she took these off in the middle of her tantrum) and they are drinking juice boxes.  We finally walked out of that endless appointment without any further incidents and I couldn’t get home fast enough.


The nurse salvaged my sanity.  I was about to lose it.  It was going to be one of those moments until she swooped in.  And it wasn’t the doctor, it wasn’t the surgeon, it was the nurse.  The sweet, compassionate nurse.  I wanted to hug her; but I figured that would be too forward for her.  I did tell her how grateful I was and how she saved me.  She completely understood because she had two at home that were the same age as the angels.  I have always been aware that in order for an operation to run effectively it takes an entire team-chiefs, indians, quarterbacks, kickers, principals, teachers, janitors, managers, secretaries, doctors, and nurses.  The key is to know your role and be confident in it.  You are needed and are fully contributing to the cause.  That nurse saved me (and the angels from being dropped off at the fire station across the street) that day and I will be forever thankful.


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