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Santa’s Elf Is On Our Shelf

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was napping comfortably, when the texts began. My sister found a “new” Christmas tradition that she just knew Pumpkin and Ladybug would enjoy, The Elf On The Shelf. I had no idea what she was talking about and did a little research. The elf is adopted by your family, every night s/he “flies” to the North Pole to report to Santa about the day’s activities, and before the family awakes, the elf flies back to their adopted home. The elf cannot be touched or s/he will lose its powers. I was sold!!! I am not an easy sell, but after I read all the posts and stories about the Elf On The Shelf (because apparently we were out the loop), I had to do it that night. So, at 6:00 pm, I set out on my mission to find my elf. My first stop was Target and EVERYTHING was sold out.


Target was sold out of almost everything including the brown boy elf.

As usual, I began to let my stress level rise. I bought a bootleg sock monkey just in case I had no luck finding an elf and planned to just download the book to my iPad. Super Auntie was not having it. Although, I was the one out like a maniac looking for a freaking elf and its book. I digress.


The sock money that was a part of my fall back plan.

I ended up at Barnes and Noble that had an overabundance of Elf On The Shelf kits. I coughed up the $30 with a frown on my face and headed home or so I thought. I ended up caught in a Christmas parade at 7:00 pm. Can you say, “HOT!”? I was UPSET! Who gets caught in a parade on a Sunday night with an elf and its book? I do. I called Super Auntie and vented for about 20 minutes until the parade passed.


Barnes and Noble was well stocked with all the elves and their books!

So, after dinner, I couldn’t wait to break out our new elf. We read the book and Pumpkin named their elf Herman (don’t ask). The kids were completely clueless and were only interested in the story. I thought my work was in vain until the next morning. The angels found Herman and were TOO excited. Ladybug couldn’t contain herself and jumped around the entire kitchen. Pumpkin was excited, but a little leery. Needless to say, Herman has now become an exciting tradition and I am so thankful that Super Auntie DEMANDED (I need to listen to her more, because her demands have become very fruitful for my family!) I start the Elf On The Shelf tradition. The angels are excited every morning and cannot wait to call MiMi (their grandmother) and Super Auntie to tell them all about Silly Herman! I don’t want to blame it on the elf, but the angels are more cognizant of their behavior and I will admit, I have used the phrase, “You know Herman is watching and will report it to Santa.” DESPERATE TIMES CALLS FOR DESPERATE MEASURES and in all honesty, I don’t feel the least bit guilty.

Below are pictures of our first Elf on The Shelf experience and I will update nightly. You may even get some great ideas yourself! Pumpkin is four and Ladybug is two, so most of Herman’s adventures will take place out of reach because as you know….the elf cannot be touched or he will lose his magic!


Herman spent his first night on our fireplace mantel. I was new this tradition and had to take baby steps.


The next night, I stepped my game up just a little. Herman was drinking Mommy’s tea out of Ladybug’s cup. She was tickled pink!


The angels had a great day back at school after being out sick and Herman decided to leave them a note praising their good behavior when they returned home from school. I wrote the note with my left hand to look more like an “elf”s” writing.


The angels almost missed Herman this morning. He got stuck in the shower curtain trying to take a shower.


Herman was stuck in the chandelier in our dining room.


This is one of my favorites. Herman was caught eating remnants of Halloween candy.


This is another favorite. Herman was found in our bathroom attempting to brush his teeth after eating a ton of candy the night before.


Herman decided to take pictures of his bottom upon his return from the North Pole. I forgot to close the copier cover and probably wasted an entire ink cartridge.


Herman decided to draw a nice picture using the angels’ crayons and easel.


The kids loved this one. Herman tried to pour himself another bowl of cereal and got caught in the container.


Herman decided to orchestrate his own “panty raid” as my Husband called it!


Herman likes hiding in all kinds of light fixtures.

Herman brought the angels churros on this particular morning and they absolutely loved it!


Herman is reading a book to his friends.

Herman is on the grill cooking a yummy meal!


Herman is resting as Simba and Nahla watch his area to ensure he gets adequate rest.


Herman decided to help me wash and hang some pjs to dry.


Herman decided to show us his artistic skills.20130103-115413.jpg

Herman returned from the North Pole and got stuck in the Christmas tree!


On his last night with us, Herman brought us all pjs to wear tonight.  The angels were over the moon.20130103-115445.jpg