Fabulous Friday Flubs

Growing up, on Friday mornings, the local news station would have a Friday Flick Flub segment.  They would show a quick film segment and the viewers would be challenged to find the mistake in the segment.  I love movies and this segment was my favorite.  In college, I had an English professor that had a “cute” adjective for every day of the week such as Marvelous Monday or Fabulous Friday.  It became quite annoying and I will never forget a friend of mine turned to me one day and said, “Can we ever just have a F***ED UP FRIDAY?”  I laughed so hard, I was almost kicked out of class.

I decided to combine these two memories and post FABULOUS FRIDAY FLUBS.  Every Friday, I will post a mistake I made and the lesson learned from it for the week.  The hard part will be just choosing one mistake!

Mrs. Independent

It’s The Simple Things


2 responses

  1. Didn’t you just love Dr. BJ Freeman! I know I did…now off to my Wonderful Wednesday!!!

    1. Wonderful Wednesday sounds about right! Dr.Freeman. I couldn’t remember her name to save my life.

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